Advanced Mathematics(D)


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  通过本课程的学习,要使学生获得:1.函数;2. 极限;3. 一元函数微分学及其应用;4. 一元函数积分及其应用等方面的基本概念、基本理论和基本运算技能,为学习后继课程和进一步获取数学知识奠定必要的数学基础。高等数学D的教学应适应学习对象的实际需要,突出思想,淡化技巧。
  Advanced Mathematics D (Calculus) is a compulsory course for the students in the majors of non-science and technology.
  The course is designed to let the students learn the basic concepts, theories and computational skills in calculus which include: 1. functions; 2. limits; 3. the differential calculus of single variable functions; 4. the integral calculus of single variable functions. The course serves the need of training the specialized personnel in the field of liberal arts with the necessary modern scientific and technological knowledge.